As a benefit of annual membership, associations and companies have the opportunity to enlist the help of Tourism Cares staff to organize private events for their employees or members to help them give back, team build and enrich their corporate culture.

For more information about building a private label give back program for your company, please contact Jessica Ahern, Director of Events for Tourism Cares.

Recent Private Label Events:

The Travel Corporation Gives Back (2010 - 2015)

For five years now, Travel Corporation employees from a number of different brands join with Tourism Cares in the summer to help their employees give back to the places they send their customers. Historically, TravCorp has worked with Tourism Cares at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and most recently, Catalina Island in Southern California.

Tourism Cares for Cooperstown (June 2015)

The travel community in New York joined together to give back to one of their most iconic treasures - DoubleDay Field in Cooperstown, NY. Volunteers painted the outfield wall, cleaned and scrubbed to give the facility a much-needed refresh.

Tourism Cares at the WTTC Global Summit

As part of the World Travel & Tourism Council's Global Summit since 2015, delegates have been invited to give back to the host community - including Madrid, Dallas and in 2017, Bangkok, Thailand. Since starting the program, volunteers have donated more than $5,000 in volunteer value to the host communities.

Special thanks to program sponsors: The Travel Corporation, MaCher, Amadeus, Marriott and WTTC for their continued support.

Tourism Cares at CoNTAct (2014, 2015)

Portland, OR / Tybee Island, GA

For the past two years, Tourism Cares has organized give back programs during NTA's summer meet-up, CoNTAct. The day after the conference officially ends, delegates are invited to give back to their host community and do a little good before heading home.