We have always responded to destinations in need, especially after disaster. This year we’ll help a recently affected area as well as a recovery success story, celebrating resilience and newfound opportunities in both.

It all started when...


Tourism Cares for South Florida –"open for business” (May 10+11, 2018): Weeks after Hurricane Irma, the recovery is still just beginning. We’re working with local partners, including local CVBs and parks, to identify projects where we can have the most impact. We’ll also bring our business, care and influence to this beloved region.

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Tourism Cares for New Orleans a celebration of the Tricentennial and industry volunteering (Sept. 20+21, 2018): Thirteen years after Hurricane Katrina - and 15 years after the first Tourism Cares volunteer program - we’ll revisit this wonderful city, explore ongoing lessons and opportunities in recovery, and celebrate its 300th anniversary.

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