We believe in the ROI of giving and volunteering, especially for the travel and tourism industry, which itself is so wonderfully personal, cross-cultural and experiential.

Discover 6 ways that Tourism Cares membership supports your business, whether your company is large or small, or new to giving or a veteran. 

  1. Impact and results:  It all comes down to outcomes, and there are certain challenges we should tackle together .  Whether it is discovering and aiding under-appreciated destinations, investing in the next generation of our workforce or responding together when disaster strikes, the core of our value is what we accomplish together – and telling those stories.
  2. Enhance your CSR efforts.   We offer a suite of services designed to support your corporate social  responsibility, no matter your cause or goals.  Membership itself can be a turnkey CSR program for those looking for a low cost solution; strategic consulting can help review and advance existing strategies; private label grant and volunteering programs can augment your efforts to meet very specific goals; and our CSR Peer Learning Network brings novices and veterans alike together to share best practices.
  3. Employee volunteerism, which research shows is a proven promoter of retention, loyalty and team building.  Volunteering is especially powerful with Tourism Cares, for there is a very special magic that happens when tourism bands together with tourism to support a tourism destination.  We also create volunteering projects just for your team or meeting.  Members get first shot at limited volunteering slots at major national efforts, and in time members will benefit from annual projects in your region, closer to home.
  4. Employee communications and giving: a good measure of philanthropy’s value is wasted unless its stories are shared.  Through newsletters, videos, presentations, and other means, we can help ensure that your contribution to the future of travel is shared with your employees.
  5. Client communications and brand support research also shows that consumers today increasingly expect companies to also be good corporate citizens..  Tourism Cares members have featured our partnership on their web sites, in client communications and newsletters, and in product brochures.  For our part, we feature your business and philanthropic news through earned and social media; we can trumpet your good works as an expert, passionate third-party.
  6. B2B recognition and exposure: giving back is good for business, and our membership consists of like-minded, committed corporate citizens.  We are proud of our community and spread the word, and make connections through press coverage of our events and programs, ads in publications like Travel Weekly through our Member Recognition Ad Campaign, our member directory and representation at conferences that span the industry, and regional gatherings.

Join now, and with our diverse ROI, members contribute from marketing, industry relations or charitable budgets.