At four locations across North America, professionals from the travel industry will volunteer with local partners to fulfill the most pressing needs of the cities. In some cases it will be helping to transform the urban landscape by reviving public spaces or enhancing the accessibility of recreational facilities and amenities.

To celebrate their community, share best practices and enhance business relationships, Tourism Cares will also host Travel’s Big Give in Detroit, as part of National Travel & Tourism Week.

The inaugural Travel’s Big Give will include educational programs focused on Detroit as a destination, the importance of city tourism, and corporate social responsibility programs, as well as social and business networking opportunities. 

City tourism—with the economic and employment opportunity it creates—increases the well-being for the billions living in the world’s cities. The projects our industry will work on will affect not just the visitors, but will also enhance the lives of those who call these cities home.
— Don Hawkins, professor emeritus of tourism studies at George Washington University & special advisor to the UNWTO

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