CSR Session #1"Corporate Social Responsibility and Member Baseline," took place in New York (and national webinar) on April 2, 2015.

CSR Session #2"Making a Difference in Nepal and Disaster Giving: finding and evaluating great projects," took place in Venice, CA on June 11.

CSR Session #3,  "The CSR Communications Quandary: balancing storytelling, customer engagement and self-promotion while giving nobly," took place in Boston (and national webinar webinar) on September 24

CSR Session #4,  "To Give or Not To Give: engaging clients in funding projects and site visits," took place during USTOA in Chicago (and national webinar webinar) on December 1.

CSR Session #5,  "Employee (& community) Love & Loyalty Through Volunteering" took place in DC (and national webinar webinar) on March 15. 

CSR Session #6,  "Volunteer Travel - Trends and Best Practices" took place in NYC (and national webinar webinar) on October 13.