Tourism Unites When Crisis Hits

Whether its a hurricane, earthquake or flood— when tragedy strikes a destination, the tourism industry is poised to rally our community and resources to give better, together.

Specifically, we can sustain:

  • Recovery Tourism, supporting visitation to the country after the immediate relief phase and
  • Renewal Tourism, making investments that help the tourism economy "build back better" for the disadvantaged by providing training, helping social businesses and finding ways to highlight renewed destinations.

We invest in tourism as a driver of recovery for hard-hit destinations and improve the welfare of the workforce in these devastated areas so that these extraordinary places are intact for the future. 

  • In response to the terrible devastation of the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Tourism Cares used the two pronged approach above by urging the industry to fund immediate relief efforts, and on the one year anniversary, launched an ongoing campaign to remind the industry that Nepal still needs it, more than ever. Learn more about the fund and for effective ways you can give back to Nepal, including the most important investment—visiting.