Tourism Unites When Crisis Hits

How our strategy is different-- and tailored for travel companies and destinations. 

The Destination Disaster Recovery Fund focuses on restoring and improving tourism resources and infrastructure to support communities long-term.

Our strategy revolves around recovery investments to improve the visitor experience and quality of life at a destination once tourism has recovered.

Grant Funding is allocated to projects around:

Recovery Tourism Investments

  • Physical restoration of valuable but vulnerable sites.

  • Promote recovery tourism through marketing and engage travel buyers, helping our operators, travel agents, publishers to help tourists return.

Renewal Tourism Investments

  • Invest in social enterprises, so that when tourism fully recovers its benefits increasingly help those most in need; we may also support training for effective volunteerism, which often follows a disaster.

  • Capacity building for tourism NGOs, so impacted organizations that are the long term stewards of a destination come back stronger.

  • Workforce skills and talent development, boosting the capacity of professionals, especially during a time when part of the tourism workforce is displaced and rebuilding.

Our history of impact:

Caribbean, Florida, Texas Fund:

The Destination Disaster Recovery Fund works in conjunction with partnerships established with the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Texas Travel Industry Association, adding national support for their regional efforts.

Thank you to all contributors so far, especially top donors: American Bus Association (ABA), The Eric Friedheim Fund & William Torres and many others including:

And 200+ companies and individuals who have contributed more than $250,000 to the Destination Disaster Recovery Fund this year!

Nepal Recovery Fund:

When the devastation of the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal struck, Tourism Cares urged the industry to fund immediate relief efforts – and to reserve some giving specifically for Nepal’s tourism industry and its long-term recovery. Together, we've raised more than $90,000 from more than 220 companies and individuals for recovery.

We have used the fund to revitalize Nepal's product and marketing, with targeted investments in projects that otherwise fall through the cracks and for training and industry professionals, among others.