United for Global Impact

Just as the traveling public and our corporate community’s interest spill over national borders, so do our programs to support destinations in need.

Since 2004 we have made 213 grants worth more than $1.9 million to support community-based tourism projects around the world.  In addition to giving, we have united the travel industry together to volunteer in communities such as Cuzco and Madrid.

 Our global priorities include:

Nepal, where our community is focused on speeding the tourism recovery and promoting new and equitable tourism communities as Nepal “builds back better.”

Myanmar, where our Myanmar Social Enterprise Tourism Project, in partnership with Friends International, is building the capacity of training restaurants for Burmese youth, creating job training, social services, ChildSafe tourism and special visitor experiences.

Egypt, where we are beginning work in Dahshour, just kilometers from Saqqara on the Giza Plateau, which aspires to be a new model for community tourism in Egypt, just 45 minutes from Cairo.

Peru, where a successful 89 person  delegation and program created business-to-business connections; $160k in grants – including half raised locally – for restoration, community, or educational tourism projects within Peru; and our first overseas sister organization, Turismo Cuida.

Jordan, where we will bring a delegation to in 2018 to work with local partners to invest in social enterprises, volunteer and promote corporate social responsibility.