Welcome to the Good Travels Advisor program (GTA)! The first of its kind, this online training for travel agents responds to rising demand for responsible travel, especially among millennials, families and the affluent.

Why become a GTA specialist? You will receive:

  1. New knowledge for deepening client relationships — and attracting new ones

  2. Tips and tools for you to use and to hand to clients

  3. One year of continuing education and support

  4. Tourism Cares promotion of advisors with consumers

  5. 2 CTA/CTC continuing education units

The course covers the basics of advising travelers on good giving and volunteering. Some of what you’ll learn includes how to help clients find their cause and give back to the places they love; tips for choosing a volunteer service trip; guidance on orphanage tourism; donating effectively after a disaster; and marketing tactics for engaging current clients and driving sales.

Become a Good Travels Advisor today – it’s inspiring and good for business, good for destination communities and good for you!

AIG Travel, Marriott International and other generous partners committed to responsible travel make this course possible!



about tourism cares

about tourism cares

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It’s about tuning in, getting to know the heart of the client and what passions drive them. All of us, no matter what we specialize in — cruises, destinations, activities — need to incorporate giving back into the recommendations we make. The fruits of this labor will be many layers of goodness. It will positively impact destinations and the people who live there. And in the process of hopefully making the world a better place to live, it’ll be good for business.
— Keith Waldon, Departure Lounge, Founder

Questions? Contact: gta@tourismcares.org