"The Tourism Cares Nepal Recovery Fund represents the best of what the global travel and tourism community is capable of accomplishing when it comes together in the face of devastation. The reaction was immediate and the focus was clear, which allowed us all to help provide necessary aid in the immediate aftermath, while also contributing to Nepal’s long-term recovery. Destinations like Nepal contribute so much richness to our industry, it’s essential that in a time of need we are able to rally and support them in return.”
-Brett Tollman, Chief Executive, The Travel Corporation and Founder, TreadRight Foundation and Nepal Fund donor

Nepal Recovery Fund

When the devastation of the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal struck, Tourism Cares urged the industry to fund immediate relief efforts – and to reserve some giving specifically for Nepal’s tourism industry and its long-term recovery. Together, we've raised more than $90,000 from more than 220 companies and individuals for recovery.

We have used the fund to revitalize Nepal's product and marketing, with targeted investments in projects that otherwise fall through the cracks and for training and industry professionals, among others. 

Projects include:

  •  www.NepalNow.org— a platform that shows the world that today is the best time to visit Nepal, this is also Nepal's recovery information source and social media campaign during its immediate relief phase.
  • Hospitality training and certification for 40 lodge and tea house owners and workers from Langtang.
  • Training six visually impaired massage therapists at Seeing Hands Nepal, a social enterprise with three clinics serving locals, expats and tourists—giving those who cannot see the opportunity for one of the best professions in Nepal.
  • Technology access and education for tourism businesses and tourists in Tuckhe, Mustang.
  • A partnership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association to support disaster preparedness among tour companies.

These and other investments account for 74% of the program fund's total, with the remaining balance being invested in the next four months. 

"When MaCher heard of the devastating earth quake that forever changed the lives of those in Nepal, we knew we had to do something to use our business as a force for good.  As California residents, we’ve personally been and seen many people affected by earth quakes.  At our core we believe in giving back, be it man hours or money, to the community, planet, and people that sustain us, especially in times of need. "
-Derek Hydon, President, MaCher and Nepal Fund donor

Please donate to the Tourism Cares Nepal Recovery Fund, which unites and leverages the travel industry’s special care and contributions. Your tax-deductible donation will be 100% allocated to program expenses, with Tourism Cares waiving all indirect administrative costs.