May 8-10, 2019 Tourism Cares united 150 travel professionals for Tourism Cares for Puerto Rico. The three-day Meaningful Travel Summit joined forces with the formal travel industry, community-based tourism initiatives, governmental officials, the small shareholder agriculture community, and social enterprises to support the development of local economies for a resilient future on the island.

Our Commitment to Action with CGI

Through the three day program, Tourism Cares is developing a Commitment to Action with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Action Network on Post Disaster Recovery. This Commitment is in partnership with the  Foundation for Puerto Rico, World Central Kitchen, Discover Puerto Rico, Hilton Caribe San Juan and Hilton Ponce, we are committed to facilitating partnerships between global tourism companies and micro, small and social enterprises in Puerto Rico.

Tourism has been a viable economic driver for the region of Puerto Rico to recover from natural disasters.  However, many micro, small, and social enterprises that could benefit greatly from the tourism economy have limited means to access the formal tourism market.  Currently only 10% of the island’s economy participates in the  tourism sector,  an increase would provide more sustainable income post disaster given that tourism recovers more quickly than other sectors. 

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