We believe in the ROI of giving and volunteering, especially for the travel and tourism industry, which itself is so wonderfully personal, cross-cultural and experiential.

Our Value Proposition

Unique "tourism-for-tourism" inspiration and impact. We are a dynamic community and our passion comes to life when we come together to help destinations and others. This motivates your employees, inspires clients and enriches your company.

Delivering business ROI with philanthropic value. We are building a giving community that also does good business together; we use donated assets (advertising, tradeshow booths, etc.) to further our mission—and recognize members!

Harnessing the full power of the travel industry for change. Our strategies extend beyond just funding and include leveraging the industry's knowledge, media, skills and influence. 

Complementing existing travel philanthropies. Our programs and benefits support all corporate giving efforts, novice and veteran alike. We make it smart and affordable to get involved.