At Tourism Cares, we believe that supporting a strong, knowledgeable and effective workforce for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries provides a benefit not only to the companies in need of a pipeline of effective leadership but also the destinations and travelers on whom this industry relies. 

Our academic scholarships identify future leaders of the industry through a highly competitive application process.  We provide up to 38 scholarships annually to students from the highest caliber of tourism and hospitality programs across the United States and Canada and award a total of $50,000 in scholarships.   


Our professional development opportunities provide support industry professionals focusing on the travel agent community.  Our scholarships fund additional training for travel professionals and those looking to become travel agents as well as awards for DMO’s, tour directors/guides and tourism educators. 

We have an established mentoring program that identifies students and young professionals with leadership and entrepreneurial potential and matches them with industry professionals with the enthusiasm, wisdom and guidance to foster their mentees, build their professional networks and further their careers.