Tourism Cares for Colombia | September 13 - 17, 2020

In 2020, Tourism Cares will take it’s global Meaningful Travel Summit to the vibrant country of Colombia. Join us for this unique opportunity to explore how your business can benefit by partnering in new and meaningful ways in a destination like Colombia and beyond. We partner with not only local change agents, but we also bring in a global perspective to address the most pressing sustainability issues faces our industry.

After the peace agreement was signed in 2016, there was a strong calling by the people to support the transition of Colombia from a troubled past into a responsible tourism powerhouse in the region. Our program will be focused in and around Colombia’s second city, Medellín – a city fast shedding its controversial reputation and one of the most progressive cities in Latin America. Set in the Aburrá Valley surrounded by green mountains, we’ll also explore the beautiful coffee regions and meet the warmth of its outgoing people eager for tourism’s opportunity to create positive change. 

Tourism Cares with Colombia's aim is to include local communities in the tourism market, generating opportunities and sustainable income to fuel positive transformation, while offering travelers a meaningful, impactful and fun experience. We’ll explore opportunities to promote peace through tourism, address the effects of climate change on natural resources and indigenous  communities, and have true connections with local people at a time of their country's rebirth.

The Tourism Cares with Colombia program will bring leaders from major hotels, airlines, major U.S. tour operators, tourism associations, media, and the broader travel and hospitality community together to explore opportunities for greater investment in community tourism, conservation tourism, and social enterprise. This program will highlight destination sustainability efforts and create a space for important dialogue on innovative strategies that can be deployed to facilitate greater inclusion into the trade.