Join us for these upcoming educational opportunities:

>>> June 5th – World Environment Day Webinar with USTOA

Our industry has the opportunity to create some of the largest global impact and tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. There will be nearly 800 million more international travelers at the destinations we sell in just 10 years. The time is now to plan for a resource strained world. Declining wild animals populations, diminishing cultural traditions, polluted beaches, and dying coral reefs with no fish are not good for business. We will hear from Jim Sanos of World Wildlife Fund and Brad Nahill of SEE Turtles/ Too Rare to Wear Campaign on how the travel and tourism industry can be used to raise awareness on conservation issues globally, and what companies can do the combat wildlife trafficking.  


Paula Vlamings, Chief Impact Officer at Tourism Cares

Adrienne Lee, Director of Programs & Partnership at Tourism Cares

Jim Sanos, Vice Preside for Travel, Tourism and Conservation at World Wildlife Fund

Brad Nahill, Preside at SEE Turtles

Connect with us in person! Here’s where Tourism Cares will be this month:

>>> June 12th – Travel MarketPlace East (Toronto) 45-minute Workshop

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Sustainable Travel 101: A More Meaningful Way to Travel

There is a growing demand for Sustainable Travel.  Two-thirds of tourists are willing to pay more for sustainable brands that showed a commitment to social and environmental values and this goes up to 70% + for Millennials and Gen Z.  Learn more about Sustainable Travel, the trends, and customer bases including opportunities for family travellers.  We will look at demystifying some of the hot topics of Sustainable Travel and take a detailed look at Voluntourism, Orphanage tourism, and Animal Experiences in tourism to help inform you on providing more meaningful ways to travel to your customers.  Learn what you can do to educate world travellers and influence change for children, animals and the environment.


Adrienne Lee, Director of Programs and Partnerships at Tourism Cares

Melissa Matlow, Campaign Director at World Animal Protection